Tuesday, March 31, 2020


Both seminars have now been taught online, both went well, breathing a sigh of relief!

Monday: non-run day, 50 mins brisk exercise walk.
Tuesday: 30 as 1:1 (didn't get out till afternoon).

Sunday, March 29, 2020

Sunday run!

1hr as 1:1, misty and mild, very nice.

Saturday, March 28, 2020

Friday, March 27, 2020

Friday run

1hr as 1:1, really lovely. Looking forward to the longer one tomorrow.

Thursday, March 26, 2020

March 21-26 update

Really I have been exercising every day - no, really!....

Saturday: 40 easy as 1:1
Sunday: 1hr as 1:1, 1.25hr fascial flow yoga streamed with Heidi (now have access to that class again and am hoping to get it in frequent rotation)
Monday: 50 mins brisk exercise walk
Tuesday: 1hr as 1:1
Wednesday: Really great 1:10 with work as 4 x 5min faster, 2min walking recovery.
Thursday: 50 mins brisk exercise walk

Need to get back on stretching - I am spending too much time on the computer (and actually have had a lot of work stuff to wrangle this week).

Friday, March 20, 2020

Thursday-Friday update

Thursday: 40 as 1:1, very nice
Friday: 1hr lunchtime flow yoga with Lynsy, streamed from Bliss Cayman.

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Monday-Wednesday update

Don't seem to have blogged here - I've been online a lot but have two other places where I log exercise (coach spreadsheet, FB ladies' PT accountability group) and this one tends to feel lower priority these days, though I like to have it as a record.

Monday: 1hr home hot yoga on balcony
Tuesday: very good run, 1:25 or so with ladder as 10/8/6/4/2 (2min walking recovery). Then a streaming yoga with Alex Auder!
Wednesday: 1hr as 1:1 easy and early

Travel plans have changed and I'll be flying back to NYC later today.

Sunday, March 15, 2020


as 1:1, really really nice. And I had a really good mindfu 20 mins PT+ yesterday afternoon, will do the same today. Back on it for the duration - it's much easier to stay motivated for it when my body is working somewhat better and I can actually see the possibility of real improvement.

Saturday, March 14, 2020

Long run!

The best one I've had for a long time. Tight R posterior chain likes heat and humidity. 90 as 3:1.

Friday, March 13, 2020

Wednesday-Friday update

Wednesday: travel day, did go to a 1pm flow-yoga nidra at Bliss.
Thursday: 40 as 1:1, very nice.
Friday: realized belatedly that I really shouldn't be a vector at 6am hot yoga, downloaded a hot 26 timer app and did a really excellent hour on my own on Brent's balcony.

Tuesday, March 10, 2020


1:10 with work as 4 x 5min faster, 2min walking recovery. Very good - not pain-free, but the situation is remarkably better than it was two weeks ago. The happiness that comes with this is a very good counter to anxiety about the public health situation....

Monday, March 9, 2020

Monday swim!

Sunday: very very nice 1hr as 1:1, beautiful weather.

A slew of important emails came in Sunday evening and continue to arrive, with the situation potentially changing very rapidly. All classes are fully suspended for Monday and Tuesday preparatory to going online (via Zoom, integrated into Canvas/Courseworks) from Wednesday on. Next week is spring break so we'll await further word about how things will go after the break, but I'm imagining that I'll be teaching online thenceforward unless things get shut down in an even fuller way.

Regular big meeting and seminar were both canceled, but I had a couple shorter meetings (including one interesting one that reminds me why certain things about Columbia's organizational structure are very frustrating!) and then - which I usually don't have time for on a Monday - a SWIM! Group fitness classes are shut down, including my special lap swim time, but regular rec swim is for now still open, and was relatively unpopulated.

10 x 100 easy free
150 back as kick, drill, swim by 50
100 fly drill
100 IM
50 easy swim down

1400 yards total

Saturday, March 7, 2020

Friday-Saturday update

Friday: a very wet cold 40 as 1:1 mid-afternoon
Saturday: 90 with 40 as 3:1, 20 as 4:1 and 30 as 2:1. Running into wind on the homeward leg made R posterior chain very sore!

Thursday, March 5, 2020

Wednesday-Thursday update

Chaotic morning multitasking did not prevent me having a great swim but I did realize as I wended my way from pool to my office to pick up the bottles of wine for this evening's book party that I had left my keys at home....

12 x 100. Flip turns feeling a lot more natural. First 10: odds free, evens misc. [kick on back, back (50 double-arm, 50 full), fly drill, breast (50 kick with board, 50 full stroke), kick with board]. 100 IM, 100 easy swim down (50 free, 50 back). 1200 yards total

(Yesterday was a great run too, about 1:05 with work as ladder 5-1-4-1-3-1-2-1-1-1. Feeling good about things, coronavirus issues notwithstanding!)

Tuesday, March 3, 2020


In an amazingly good mood yesterday and today - great class meeting yesterday at the Avery rare book library (and similar next week for my other class at the RBML), funny evening open house event for English majors where I saw lots of current and former students and generally felt really good about the work we are all doing in the classroom.

full PT+ then 40 as 1:1.

Now need to shower and eat food, get handouts copied for class and teach at 12:10. Office hours 2:30-4 and then taking out a Fellow from the Columbia SOF for late afternoon coffee and/or drink and snacks to celebrate her having gotten an amazing academic job!

Thursday update

Hahaha, I didn't really fall off the face of the earth, but post-travel fatigue kicked me like a mule, I took zeros on Monday and Tuesday in spite of good intentions.

Wednesday: 1:10 with work set as 8 x 4 faster, 1 recovery. L foot/R LB/posterior chain connection is very evil right now.

Thursday: such a good swim! It feels like a victory to get there at all (it's really the only day when I can reasonably guarantee getting there, though I am going to think about Fridays and how to add that one too, it is the next most feasible).

What did I do? It was so nice.....


100 swim
100 kick on back
300 as 2 x 150 back as kick-drill-swim by 50
2 x 100 freestyle drill-swim by 25 (thumbs and salute, finger-drag)
100 something I've forgotten
100 free
100 fly as right-arm, left-arm, 3-3-3, full stroke
100 flutter kick with board
100 whip kick with board
100 IM

10 flip turns - I do them very badly (and when I am actually swimming laps I mostly just do an open turn), but I will only get better if I make myself do them....

1300 yards total

Sunday, March 1, 2020


Good work day and a nice 50 as 1:1 in the last hour of light to shake out the cobwebs. It has been very beneficial to have had three full days entirely to myself. Now it really is only two more Monday-Tuesday whammies before I fly to see Brent for spring break! Worried about coronavirus in general and more particularly it disrupting travel in as yet unimagined ways, but aware that there is little I can do other than stay calm and roll with it....