Monday, July 31, 2017


I missed lifting on Thursday - had 7pm tickets to a friend's show in midtown and realized mid-afternoon that it was just not realistic to be scrambling across town in a tight timeframe. But I must try and get there for all three workouts, it is good for my mental and physical health! Was very happy to be there today - took a cab down mid-afternoon and read for a bit in the cafe beforehand. (Tomorrow and Thurs. I have mid-afternoon doctor's appointments, nothing special, just the regular, so I will not be able to languish in bed at home!) Hmmm, what did we do?

(1) DL 4 x 4 @ 67.5% of max (I am using a conservative/realistic 240 for max, so 161) - six seconds eccentric/descending

(2) 5 x 5 ring row (6-second eccentric), sub for pull-ups

(3) 3 x 10 kettlebell Romanian deadlift

(4) 3 x 10-each-leg walking lunges (I skipped prowler it would have been interspersed with - my middle-aged knees do not like doing that sort of weighted exercise in Chuck Taylors)

(5) "stirring the pot" 3 x 10 each side

Didn't seem intense as I did it, but sat in cafe after to drink a protein shake before getting bus and subway home, and when I stood back up I was incredibly (pleasantly, not unpleasantly) stiff! It is more than it seems....

Day 55, run 51

Took yesterday off - slept little and badly on Saturday night, and hip was still rather tender, so I decided it would be better to give it a miss. Today: 20 easy.

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Day 53, run 50

2 hours; first 2/3 as 2:1 jog-walk, then switched to 1:1 as running into powerful headwind was causing hamstring and hip to act up. Very nice, on balance - the wind was intense, but it's high 60s and overcast, a true gift at this time of year!

Friday, July 28, 2017

Days 51 and 52, runs 48 and 49

Must have forgotten to post yesterday? Anyway, yesterday it was 30 easy, today 20 easy - it's warm and muggy again, alas. Supposed to be some kind of a storm brewing?

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Day 50, run 47

The most beautiful weather! I am in rather low spirits, but it is nice that it's so great outside for once.... Tight R calf, slightly sore R hip (benching activates it, too much of a stretch on the hip flexors, nothing major). Hoping to fit in a double on Friday.

1hr as 4:1 jog-walk

Tuesday, July 25, 2017


At least temporarily feeling like I am back on the track of functionality? Hope it lasts! Rode my bike down to the gym, hour of upper body workout, rode home - so nice that the temperature is cool....

(1) 3 x 8 @ 67.5% (85lb, though I am not sure I could actually press 125 right now) with six seconds descending/eccentric
(2) ring rows (as substitute for pull-up), 3 x 5, 6 sec. eccentric
(3) DB floor press: 3 x 15 @ 17.5 (there's only one 22.5 and 27.5 seemed clearly too heavy!)
(4) 3 x 15 hammer curls @ 12.5
(5) 100 triceps band pulldown

+ 10mi easy bike

Midday run

Should have been earlier, got snarled up in one of these mornings where I rashly scheduled an early grocery delivery, got up to wait for it and then it didn't come till after the delivery window was over, at which point I was hungry and sleepy & ate breakfast and went back to bed! Fortunately still quite cool today. 30 minutes easy in "my" bit of Riverside Park.

Monday, July 24, 2017


I am going to strive for perfect powerlifting attendance between now and my departure for Cayman - that's qualified by the fact that "100 runs in 100 days" is my highest priority, and G. takes precedence above all other things too, but I should be able to do it as long as I don't languish to much! Right now hand strength is a dreadful limiter, I've lost my calluses and grip is a lot weaker than it should be - ah, that's satisfying, though, something to work on. I suspect back and glute-hamstring will be stiff tomorrow, that was a good workout - I did ten minutes of stretching at the end, but it can't completely counteract....

DL work set: 4 x 4 at 65% (of a conservative 240, that's 156), with six seconds descending (eccentric) on each rep

Incline bench rows: 4 x 8 @ 32.5 (hands really feeling it unpleasantly - hahaha, we only have one 37.5 currently, so I had a good excuse not to be lifting the heavier weight!)

Kettlebell Romanian DL: 2 x 12 slow with 16kg kb

Then some stretching instead of the final prowler set.

1hr total

Day 48, run 45

And a gloriously good one! It is POURING rain (and 67F!) - at first I regretted wearing my glasses, as they fogged up and I had to perch them on the top of my head, but when I turned around and was running back north along the river into absolutely driving rain and wind, I was glad of them, these Oakley sport glasses are pretty good rain goggles....

40:00 as 4:1. Calf rather stiff/sore and some tenderness at R glute-hamstring attachment, better after I was warmed up.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

A day off

Couldn't go to sleep till FOREVER last night, and barely could stay under after that - warm exertion in the evening is not compatible with decent sleep! Needed to be downtown at G.'s for breakfast, and the situation there continues to be rather draining (plus one other minor work worry cropped up and required emergency attention, not affecting me directly but upsetting regardless). I am covered with chafing esp. under bra strap from a week of hot and humid running, too; and I think cumulatively it is time for a day off. Gonna try and get in a few doubles over the next three weeks.....

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Day 46, run 44

Strange to say, that was the nicest run I have had for quite a while! I decided last night that I was not even going to ATTEMPT to get up early, and it is just SO DARN HOT that running mid-morning seemed stupid. So I was resigned to leaving it till early evening - it is a pity not to get the mood boost at the beginning of the day rather than the end, but so be it. That said, I got out around 7:45pm and pretty much the entire run was enjoyable! It was in 80s rather than 90s, that's a plus. Even more so: no soreness/stiffness/tenderness in any of the usual places until after the first hour, when I started to get some small pings in R hip/hamstring. Still, very good - it's greasy humid weather, not lovely (still 80F at 10pm), but I like hearing the chorus of chirpers and seeing nighttime wildlife (rats notwithstanding)...

1.5hr as 2:1 jog-walk

Friday, July 21, 2017

Day 45, run 43

Somewhat less humid this morning, still warm but not horrible like it has been the last couple days. Need to get myself into a better mood!

30:00 easy

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Day 44, run 42

It has somehow been a tough week, I am not bounding with energy! Got up very early (woke half an hour before alarm even - still benefiting from boost of Brent's early schedule), couldn't make myself run, sensibly instead went to office to pick up dissertation and spent morning reading it for defense tomorrow at Fordham. Afternoon stayed home to wait for dryer repair guy (SEEMS LIKE IT IS FIXED, that is good, only took me 2 months to get around to calling for a technician!), could not get myself out the door to get downtown (IT IS TOO HOT) to lift, felt guilty about that, but did finally make myself get out c. 7:30 to run since I knew I would be a pit of self-reproach otherwise. So that's something, anyway...

40:00 as 4:1 very very slow hot jog-walk...

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Day 43, run 41

Not quite as planned, but we will count it regardless! Met J. at noon at Chelsea Piers for "run," had not figured on it being quite so hot and it is a terribly sunny route - we did some jog intervals to begin with but devolved to walking for much of the time. Got a cold drink at Chelsea Market (cucumber lemonade, water) and then rode bike home. Drinking a seltzer now to try and cool down some more! Actually Cayman desensitized me to humidity, it doesn't seem bad here compared, and the sun is not nearly as lethal....

1hr brisk walk with run intervals
10mi RT bike

Tuesday, July 18, 2017


Good to ease back into lifting with an upper body day! I had allergy shots at 4 at 14th St. so there was no way I could talk myself out of it - funny how when you miss a couple weeks of something, there is a hump to get over getting back to it even if it's something you know you love. Anyway very nice to see everybody, and it was an enjoyable and not too strenuous workout (I am basically just looking not to "break" anything - all exercise currently for good mental and physical health rather than any specific fitness goals, and must continue to be careful of back).

Bench: 4 x 6 @ 60% (I lowballed it at 70), with 6-0-0 (i.e. six seconds descending) (I really like this kind of set)

DB row: 3 x 10 @ 37.5

DB floor press: 3 x 15 @ 17.5 (only one 22.5 and the 27s felt too heavy for that number of reps)

100 face pull (band)

150 triceps pulldown (band)

About :45 total

Day 42, run 40

Well, partial success, partial failure - set myself up for the latter via various minor choices (getting out latish on an empty stomach, taking shady route although it means I don't have a straightforward out and back and HATE having to back-track or do extra once I reach my start/exit point). Should have been an hour, but only managed 45:00, I was home and ready to stop! But I did do a perfectly reasonable job with my 6 x :30 hill intervals. Will add on the missed 15 minutes to some other run this week.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Day 41, run 39

Arghhhh, I am USELESS the day after travel. Literally got up at 8 intending to run not long thereafter, but in fact spent the WHOLE DAY in bed. Not really sleeping as such, just not able to deal! Anyway finally pulled myself together mid-afternoon and got out for the EASY TWENTY-MINUTE RUN that was the only thing I really had to do (bailed on lifting, annoyed with myself about this as one promise I made to myself at the end of last week was that once I was back in NYC I was not going to let life stress/being overwhelmed stop me from getting to the gym to lift with the team, but actually if the daily run is the non-negotiable I cannot also have lifting as non-negotiable, and hopefully it's better from here on out). Back/hip/hamstring all feel fine, right lower calf very stiff as it has been the last few days, gotta get that stretched out. Proper run tomorrow, and I think I will be able to cope with getting out/downtown to lift....

20 easy

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Day 40, run 38

Just 20 rather than the prescribed 30 - I am antsy and anxious on travel day, and there is an OBSTACLE about 10 minutes into my run route that I could not make myself get over the hump of (a major construction project, sidewalk closed on sea side, you have to cross over but the sidewalk on the non-sea side is pretty erratic, and the crossing button isn't working) - not honestly a big deal, more like a minor annoyance, but it is the sort of thing that is off-putting when your mind is already on the next thing (getting sweaty running clothes in the wash, starting to pack, etc.)

Anyway, 20+ easy and warm....

Saturday, July 15, 2017


1.5 hr "kriya" yoga. Which I liked very much in terms of the substantive part - but was horrified by some pseudo-scientific guff in opening about how breast cancer results from blockages of self-care and colon cancer from anger - ARGHHHHHHHHH! Not in the mood to hear this foolish stuff!

Day 39, run 37

:45 easy as 4:1 jog-walk.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Day 38, run 36

:30 early, then mid-morning para yoga. GOOD. Going home Sunday - I am afraid the week of re-entry will be a bit rocky....

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Short run + power yoga

It was a few minutes shorter than 20 I'm afraid to say - turned around a little early, no good reason (mildly sore back, the usual homebody/agoraphobic dislike for having overshot my actual destination and the feeling of traveling AWAY rather than TO it). Say 15 plus 1hr power yoga. Day 37, run 35.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Day 36, run 34

The dreaded "cleaner day" - I will not do yoga, just hole up in cleaner exile at the cafe doing my work! 1hr as 4:1 jog-walk. Got out pretty early but it is still mighty warm....

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Short run/excellent yoga

Hahaha, I am always a LITTLE scared of this class, though it's irrational - thought I'd better get a week of regular yoga under my belt before walking over the threshold of Mark's 6am power yoga! However really it is good, I don't have amazing yoga fitness but I have solid aerobic base and good strength - the only thing that makes me feel hapless is how clumsy I am making my way to the top of the mat or doing quick transitions from things like halfway lift to chatturanga. ANYWAY it was great, I need help kicking my legs up (combination of stiff hamstrings and scared brain) but I got into very reasonable supported headstand and handstand, that was fun!

20 mins run
1hr power yoga!

Monday, July 10, 2017


Keri's flow class is particularly good, I was satisfied (and sweaty), I decided to let common sense beat out obsessiveness and call that enough for the day...

1hr flow yoga

Day 34, run 32

A warm hour, very early, as 4:1. I am hoping to do some double yoga sessions this week, I have been coveting this yoga retreat my friend Alex is teaching at Kripalu at the end of July, only the thought of going away again so soon after I get home is just inconceivable - so, more yoga here instead - but it seems slightly implausible after that warm hour, one further hour of exercise may be enough given that the second yoga would have to be the dreaded "hot"...

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Day 33, run 31

Just 20 mins. Beat Brent to the coffee shop!

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Day 32, run 30

Ran early: 30:00 as 4:1. Noon yin yoga, which I wasn't somehow in the mood for - grumpily contemplating uncomfortable nature of positions and teacher's failure to give specific helpful instructions about how to use props at the start of each posture to make it comfortable! Which meant for the first class of half I was horribly fidgeting and rearranging midway through, and for the second class modifying in ways that were still uncomfortable and also didn't really seem in the spirit of the instructions. I was frustrated! I am going to do a very strenuous/challenging yoga class tomorrow morning to make up for it.

30 easy run
1hr yin yoga

Friday, July 7, 2017

Day 31, run 29

That was a nice one, I am getting a bit more heat acclimation. I particularly like 40 as it breaks down to run-walk intervals - by the time you are at 8, you are 2/5 done with the outgoing leg, and after only one more intervals you are 3/5 done...

40:00 as 3:1 jog-walk

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Day 30, run 28

Fortunately just 20 minutes. It is funny, I can chameleon/shoehorn myself into Brent's schedule because it is such a powerful and rigid template (and I really don't like treadmill running, which in this climate is the reality of anything after about 7am), but inwardly I start to chafe a little bit at its unrelenting monotony. Will be glad to bust out some late mornings and daytime naps with cats when I am back in NYC!

20 minutes easy

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Day 29, run 27

45:00 as 2:1 jog-walk. Makes me feel like a slacker, but I can see the benefits - this early rising and running is already starting to feel a little monotonous, it works to (a) make it an easier task (b) give back/hamstring necessary relief (c) make hydration and heat management easier. In general felt better - looser, more mobile - than yesterday, but def. numbness/tenderness along R hamstring right from start and growing more pronounced as I proceed - not horrible, but still clearly important to err on side of caution.


Tuesday, July 4, 2017


A yoga class that integrates some pilates stuff, which I find extremely challenging (that probably means it is good for me - certainly it is the stuff the PT wanted me to keep doing).

1hr yoga

Day 28, run 26

Just twenty minutes on the schedule, that was good, more likely I can do a treadmill one in the afternoon?

Monday, July 3, 2017


Holiday schedule here ("Constitution Day"). 8:45 flow class, not nearly as hard as yesterday's (perhaps fortunately?). Got one more workout this afternoon...

Day 27, run 25

Hahaha, Brent is such a good influence, between him and David's online coaching it would be almost impossible for me NOT to be running daily! Got out early for nice easy 30 minutes as 2:1 jog-walk. Yoga at 8:45 (it's a holiday here and class schedule is somewhat anomalous).

Sunday, July 2, 2017


Ah, I love this so much, I have to find a way to have more yoga in my life in NYC!

(I am NOT in yoga shape right now, but two weeks of going every day will kickstart, and I will find a way of keeping it up when I'm home - there is good yoga at Chelsea Piers, only it's not close, but there's another really good studio 10 blocks from my house, so I have no excuse.)

1.25hr apparently simple but in fact extremely challenging flow yoga!

Day 26, run 24

I should get out just a little earlier, but it worked out about right. On Sundays Cafe del Sol doesn't open till 7, so I got there just as Brent was ordering (he is if not the first then one of the first customers).

:48 easy as 2:1 jog-walk

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Yin yoga

Deep stretch with special focus on opening lower back! I have to say, that was absolutely excellent. The usual teacher was gone and a teacher I particularly like subbed for her. MORE YIN YOGA! (However sweaty/athletic yoga is good too, I might need to see if I can do some doubles this week....)

1hr deep stretch

Day 25, run 23

Had to take a zero yesterday, I don't really sleep at all the night before that Cayman flight (5am alarm, 6am car pickup) so it is hopeless to think of actually getting out for even a short run when I get here, especially since it's so hot! The missed night of sleep actually helps me transition quickly to Brent's schedule, though, so I was out the door shortly after 6:30am this morning (helped by the fact that we're on EST rather than EDT here) for 30 warm easy minutes. Met Brent at Cafe del Sol afterwards (he brings my Kindle so I have something to read!) for a Perrier and a mixed berry protein shake. Should get out a bit earlier tomorrow. On track for noon yin yoga, and have made my massive work to-do list, but am going to try NOT to work this weekend....

:30 easy