Monday, April 29, 2019

Monday late

Got stuck in gridlock about 10 minutes from home (taxi from airport), trip otherwise pretty smooth, slight delay in taking off but that doesn't really matter once I am ensconced. Slept for c. 3 hours, dragged myself up at 4 or so. About an hour of walking all told (2 x 15 min to and from M&S for groceries, 2 x 15min to and from yoga). That "warm yin 60 aux bougies" is very beneficial, pretty much just what I needed. Not sure when IF EVER I will now be able to go to sleep....

Sunday, April 28, 2019

Sunday run

1hr as 1:1 early, then 15 mins walk to Cafe del Sol. PT at home. Writing now from Miami lounge....

Saturday, April 27, 2019

Friday-Saturday update

Friday: non-run day, 2 x 15min walk to 6am hot yoga. Did NOT do PT+ later, for no particularly good reason.
Saturday: 80 early as 1:1, very tranquil. Will go to noon yin yoga (best for pre-travel day IMO) and will do PT at some point as well.

Sad now because we are about to take the 2 beautiful kittens back to the Humane Society!

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Thursday trifecta

1hr as 1:1 early, 10:30 hot yoga (lung junk made me slightly queasy at peak poses, but basically very enjoyable), just did PT+. And two book work sessions, so really I'm just DONE for the day!

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Mon.-Wed. catchup

Monday: walk to and from 1hr hot yoga
Tuesday: 1hr as 1:1
Wednesday: 20 as 1:1 warmup, 4 x 5:1 easy-moderate, 20 as 1:1 cooldown

No yoga yesterday as waiting for delivery of trap to help extract hidden kitten, who did indeed emerge and enter the trap for food in the evening. We will take that one back to the shelter today, don't want to risk it getting lost again, so probably no yoga today either, though I may be able to get to the 2pm. Tomorrow and Friday yoga for sure!

Sunday, April 21, 2019


Very good combo: early 50 as 20 as 1:1, 10 min continuous jog (back a bit sore - still the aftermath of Bad Yoga!), 20 as 1:1. Then got to the 75-minute mid-morning yoga class that's flow + meditation, we started with ball release and then mostly worked towards things with the idea of loosening the lower back, PERFECT!

Tomorrow is still a holiday, i.e. disrupted yoga schedule....

Saturday, April 20, 2019


Got to the noon yin yoga class, very good.


80 as 1:1. Hoping to get to yoga as well but other things may intercede....

Friday, April 19, 2019


Thursday: just 1hr as 1:1 and PT at home, lungs still not great and figured I needed the rest more than I needed the yoga.

Friday: non-run day, did the early 1hr hot yoga class, it was good (and not nearly as hot as the other day). That may be it for today, I think - it is a holiday!...

Wednesday, April 17, 2019


I did go to yoga yesterday, but lung junk is bad when lying down and I was coughing really too much - I won't go today, it is unpleasant for others as well as for myself!

This morning: 1hr with 20 as 1:1 easy warmup, 20 as 4:1 moderate, 20 as 1:1 cooldown. Lungs are actually OK when I'm standing - I think it has to do with how the mucus pools!....

Tuesday, April 16, 2019


Monday is a non-run day, I walked over to 6am hot yoga which was good. Ailment hit lungs in a big way yesterday, I was not feeling very optimistic, but this morning things feel better rather than worse, so that is helpful in terms of general morale!

Tuesday: 1hr as 1:1, and I will go to 10:30 hot yoga as well (after a few hours of work in the coffee shop).

Sunday, April 14, 2019

Friday-Sunday catch-up

Ugh, head cold coming on me very strongly during long travel day, that is horrible, and yesterday (Sat.) UTTER streaming cold with face exploding with erms, but I slept for almost twelve hours and though I can feel phlegm building now in lungs in a minor way, it is a huge relief that the streaming phase is over.

Sat.: 1hr as 1:1 (we automatically make it an easy few days after travel, this was already planned)
Sun.: 1hr as 1:1

Will go to 6am yoga tomorrow morning, that is good...

Thursday, April 11, 2019


1hr as 1:1 in the late morning; 7pm hot yin-yang yoga (GOSH I miss yoga when I am not doing it - that was really good). Home now and must get on with things, it is early that I need to leave tomorrow and there are a lot of things I need to do first...

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Midweek update

Monday: did good PT in the am, non-run day, friend commitments meant no yoga.

Tuesday: 1hr as 1:1, evening commitment = no yoga (plus back v sore from Bad Yoga). Evening realization - sinus infection incoming!
Wednesday: modified hard-effort midweek run due to sinus issues and desire not to escalate anything. 75 mins, warmup 20 as 1:1 easy, work set as 10-2-8-2-6-2-4-2-2-2 (run intervals easy, walk 2 min recovery), then 10 as 1:1 cooldown. Sinuses are a pain!

Sunday, April 7, 2019


OK, I was flailing around a bit, and didn't get up early enough, but really that is a respectable day. Did my 1hr as 1:1, very nice; realized I wouldn't have time to digest before 3pm hot yin yang but that teacher Dominique also offers a 4:45 non-hot basic hatha class; went to the office to work for a couple hours (procrastinating getting started on this short Pamela variations piece - did finally do the one more bit of work I needed to be able to (re)submit my wretched receipts for reimbursement, tidied up office b/c it was in Gibbonian squalor, etc. etc.); remembered a 6pm phone appointment that would PREVENT me from going to aforementioned yoga, and gnashed my teeth; emailed the colleague in question who very kindly said 7pm (her 1pm) would be fine - so YES, 1.5hr hatha 1 in NON-hot room....

This week seems a little chaotic. I am leaving on Friday for two weeks in Cayman but I also have quite a few extra things scheduled. Will just try and keep my cool!

Saturday, April 6, 2019


Nice morning run of 90 minutes, 20 warmup as 1:1 jog-walk then 4:1 subsequently. Lazy afternoon (in retrospect I wish I had hewed to my original plan and gone to the office to work on my Pamela piece), and I made the mistake of not checking the online schedule before going to 7pm yoga. Didn't realize till the teacher told us to sit at the front of our mats that it wasn't the usual "Bikram en 60 minutes" with a substitute teacher but rather a whole different class, hot power! It actually wasn't bad, I am strong and in good yoga shape, we didn't move too quickly, but I am really not supple enough to be making transitions directly from warrior 2 into chatturanga, and my knees were throbbing by the end of the standing sequence. Glad it was only an hour!

Friday, April 5, 2019


Thursday: 1hr as 1:1 in the morning, unusually busy day, hot yin-yang yoga at 7 and then one more work thing, a 9:30pm dissertation chapter conference I called in to. I have to stop using that slot for that purpose, I then couldn't go to sleep till FOREVER (ditto on Wednesday, getting home from evening event at Institute - it just kills sleep for me if I've been out in the world or having human contact).

Friday: non-run day, did my PT earlier, went to Coco's 5pm full hot 26 class which I really like. Did feel pretty darn hot by the end! But I have true acclimation now (and also am now firmly planted in a small area at one end of the room that seems not to be QUITE as hot as the rest of the room, or that is at least the very last place to reach full heat).

Wednesday, April 3, 2019


Good day! No realistic way to fit yoga in, but then I have pretty much decided that on the mid-week harder workout day, it's not a good idea to do strenuous yoga as well. (I was hoping for the 9pm 1hr hot hatha, but I hadn't realize that though the "conversation" part of the evening's events starts at 7, the associated concert doesn't start till 8, and there is ominous hinting that it won't be done till 10...)

70 minutes with 20 as 1:1 warmup and cooldown, work set as 2-2-4-2-6-2-4-2-2-2. Still doing first minute of the 2min recovery as walk, then jog for the remaining minute. All good.

I have JUST finished drafting part 3 of my book (messy handwritten draft with inserts from typed notes, so it's a slog to type it up, but still), and part 4 is short and the notes for it are pretty satisfactory. I had slightly given up on the notion that I would be able to type this all up before leaving for Cayman on April 12, but now I think I should shoot for that instead. It means I can then make a list of further research/info gaps and fill the easy ones while I still have library access, then just take the manuscript with me to edit for the 2 weeks at Brent's. (First some basic copy-editing to clean up and sort out the whole second half of the book, then a look at the thing taken as a whole.) I have two other book-length manuscripts to read while I'm there and write reports on, so that's basically probably me set for the trip work-wise. Precious marked-up pages and key research books obviously travel in the cabin with me!

Tuesday, April 2, 2019


Sunday: 1hr as 1:1, very nice, yoga didn't happen (fueling and timing issues mostly, still discombobulated from being out the night before)
Monday: non-run day, PT+ and quite a bit of walking (museum visit + fellow socializing > yoga for this particular day anyway!)
Tuesday: 1hr as 1:1, then EXCELLENT yoga, I hadn't been to a class since Friday and I was really jonesing for it! 90 mins hot hatha, perfect.