Thursday, December 13, 2018


Yesterday was just walking and stretching. Today was kinda perfect - great talk last night and workshop today at the Institute, plus a really (anomalously!) delicious lunch beforehand. 75 mins in the am as 2:1 jog-walk and a very good 90 minutes hot yin yang class with Dominique just now as well. I think I figured out my optimal yoga schedule, though I won't be able to have it till January:

Monday: 6:45-8:15 back therapy yoga with Delphine
Tuesday: 5-6:30 hot hatha with Robin
Wednesday: off day
Thursday: 7-8:30 hot yin yang with Dominique
Friday: off day
Saturday: either 3-4:30 hot hatha with Robin or 7-8 Bikram in 60 mins
Sunday: 3-4:30 hot yin yang with Dominique

My housecleaner has been coming on Wednesday at 4 which in conjunction with frequent 7pm Wednesday events at the Institute has meant it doesn't make sense to try for yoga, but her schedule has changed and she's actually handed me off to her sister, who is the concierge in the building - this means that I can drop the extra key with her in the morning (or early afternoon as the case may be!) and then she can leave it for me in the apartment when she's done, it may actually be a bit more convenient.... really tomorrow I don't have anything in the evening and could do 5pm Bikram, but I still slightly avoid the full 90-minute Bikram class, too hot for too long....

Tuesday, December 11, 2018


On a very late schedule, but that 75 as 2:1 easy-moderate was REALLY NICE! Still a little awkwardness (I think of it as "ghost sciatica") along back of R leg, but everything else very good, very normal-feeling.

Monday, December 10, 2018


1hr as 1:1, there was actually some sun, that was nice! About to do PT, hoping to do back therapy yoga later.

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Happy yoga!

Finally got a good long night of sleep, didn't get myself to earlier yoga (I always have slight aversion to doing a full 90-minute Bikram class, other hot variants are more appealing), did PT and some ball release therapy for lower back and piriformis (which I think I should add as often as I can) and then went to Dominique's excellent 90-minute "hot yin yang yoga" at 3pm. I forgot how good it is, and how different from the hot hatha....

Saturday, December 8, 2018


1hr as 1:1, physically fine but a little unsettling due to precautions in advance of potential gilet jaune demonstration - the Jardin du Luxembourgh was closed and I had to jog my loops on the sidewalk around it, not optimal. Very few civilian vehicles on the street, mostly police/fire/ambulance, though the shops in my neighborhood are for the most part open. Will do PT once I have showered, and hoping to get to 7pm yoga later.

Friday, December 7, 2018


75 mins as 2:1 with some moderate mixed in with easy intensity! Looking forward to this one all week. Will do PT once I have put away breakfast things and am intending to go to 5pm hot yoga. (Jet lag had me up till 3, I only woke up just before 11 and it took me another hour to get out of the house for my run - thus 2pm breakfast...)

(Postscript: no yoga, 75 mins run plus 20 mins PT is enough, I will have a longer stretch at the office and go straight from there to dinner with an old friend who's in Paris briefly....)

Thursday, December 6, 2018

Mid-week catchup

Hmmm, I wrote a title and then left the post empty, better catch up properly now! Overly busy week, one more evening out tomorrow and then I intend to hermitify myself...

Tues.: jet lag hit hard, plus haircut appointment was ill-timed (it is always ill-timed!); ALMOST didn't get out, but memory of how bad I felt about not having done my statutory walk on Sunday made me drag myself up and out. 70 as 1:1 jog-walk, plodding and not that fun, but I got it done (and felt more human by around the 40-minute mark).

Wed.: 60 as 1:1 jog-walk, very nice. (All these days I do PT if I don't say!)

Thurs: non-run day, normal walking + evening 1hr yoga therapy for back class. Will go to a hot class tomorrow, otherwise I will lose my hard-gained heat acclimation...

Monday, December 3, 2018


Took a zero for Sunday, regrettably; the first for a long time and I really don't want it to happen again soon! Today was good. 1hr as 1:1, very nice and gray morning, spent the day at the office catching up on various misc. stuff, hung around there till it was time for 6:45 back therapy yoga as I was pretty sure that if I went home, I wasn't making it back out. Lots of evening plans this week which rather thwarts my desire to be all run/yoga/write all the time....

Saturday, December 1, 2018


:55 easy and early as 1:1 jog-walk (slightly miscalculated turnaround, was shooting for an hour), met up with Brent for 15 mins at Cafe del Sol, then 1hr BRT yoga at Bliss. This is a great combo - hard to imagine a better class for runners, it's exactly what I most need. Now to get organized for departure....

Friday, November 30, 2018


80 as 1:1 early, very nice (I have to get a photo of the lights on palm trees in front of the Ritz!); then an hour of ball release therapy (BRT) yoga at Bliss, it was really good and extremely apt to my needs.

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Wednesday, Thursday

Wednesday: 1hr early as 1:1, had my eye on a 2pm yoga class but we weren't back from taking lunch to Coach Jerry in time, that's fine.
Thursday: :55 walk (non-run day), 1hr hot yoga, session #6 (final one) with Errol at 3. I am determined to max out on yoga this week, figured out what class I can go to tomorrow and am even thinking about doing a 7am class Saturday (after an hour of running) before getting ready to go to the airport....

Tuesday, November 27, 2018


am: woke up WAY too early, did PT pre-run, then 1hr as 1:1 jog-walk.
pm: 3pm session (#4) with Errol.

Tomorrow is the dreaded cleaner day, I will run early and probably leave it at that....

Monday, November 26, 2018


Good day.

am: 2 x 15 min. walk to and from 1hr hot yoga (very nice class). PT at home after protein shake and shower.
pm: session #4 with Errol.

And MOST of the edits to book part one typed - I had hoped to get to the end of the section, but the page I left off at before going to the gym is particularly covered with illegible marginal scribble, and I will do a better job if I leave it for the morning!

Sunday, November 25, 2018

amazing yoga!

1.25hr flow-meditation that was SUPERB, just what I needed (didn't want to wait for noon hot, 9:30 is a good time to go to a class) - we spent first fifteen minutes using lacrosse balls to release hip flexors and QL! I loved it - must see if I can get to another class along those lines this week....


40 minutes as 1:1 jog-walk (it was a slight down week), very nice, now at the cafe with Brent and will do PT when I get home. I think I will do mid-morning yoga, there's no hot class but if I do 9:30 flow-meditation I can go with Brent for his first stint at the office (there is then a brief mid-afternoon visit to put in orders for tomorrow). Day one of spa week #2!