Friday, March 6, 2009

The adventure begins

Ugh, I have been feeling very non-triaspirational - not NEARLY enough exercise - a bad cold - lots of junk food - last couple weeks much more bookish & teacherly (of necessity!) than training-oriented - I am a poor traveler because I am always slightly thinking I would be better off at home on a much more stringent program of one kind or another... - BUT we have had a lovely time in Buenos Aires, and tomorrow the adventure begins!

We're leaving the hotel at 4:30am for the flight to Ushuaia; we will board the ship in the early evening - the Antarctica marathon is on Tuesday, weather permitting - and (to my horror!) the fact of the matter is that I will have absolutely no internet access until March 17, when we will be back in Buenos Aires!

There is some vestigial possibility that news might wend its way to Wendy, but really you will just have to be in suspense in the meantime about whether we make it or not!

I am feeling mentally strong - honestly, even a pretty hard race is not quite as awful as trying to finish a book in mid-semester!

I am somewhat undertrained (there was no way around it, so I am reconciled to what I could do and what I could not), but I have a rather amazing amount of gear: trail gaiters, SealSkinz waterproof socks, YakTrax, tights and trail shoes and Kendal Mint Cake - not to mention the usual kit (Patagonia jacket and Oakley prescription sunglasses and various other things I am too lazy to find links for) - running need not be an expensive sport, but the expeditionary situation was out of control this time!

It has been a great pleasure training for the race, and my only goal is to finish feeling cheerful and strong - I will be very pleased if that's the way it goes, and satisfied with any kind of a finish, honestly! We will take what the day gives us, at any rate. And many, many thanks to Brent for inviting me to come on this most magical of all possible trips...

Today, various delicious things to eat - and the MALBA!


Wendy said...

Adventure! Gear! Fun! Excitement!

Internet black hole ... :-(

We will be thinking of you and wishing you well!!

Becca said...

Am hugely jealous of your short sleeves and sunshine, and slightly disbelieving that in a matter of days you will be running across the tundra in yak traks, et al. Good luck! You can spend from Tuesday night till March 17 drafting your thorough report on all of everything!

Joe said...

Kick some ass, and just have a great time! I'll be sure to send you some good vibes Tuesday!

intentsandpurposes said...

You will need to go old school and write in a journal - hopefully keeping copious amounts of details!
Have a wonderful time - see you when you return
much love,
Mike, Jessi & the Baby

Lynn said...

My favorite part about all of this is that you're going to eat the same glucose-based confectionery flavoured with peppermint that Hillary and Shackleton ate on their adventures! :)

Can't wait for stories!

Anonymous said...

Best of luck to you and your ship-mates! You are having the adventure of a lifetime!

I found your blog while looking for updates on the Antarctic Marathon -- My best friend Cathy Powell is there too with her brother Terry. If you get a chance please tell her hello from me,

Black Knight said...

What an adventure!! I cannot wait for watching the pictures and reading the report. Good luck and enjoy this adventure!

ShirleyPerly said...


Look forward to hearing all about your adventure. I had no idea the race was actually on a Tuesday. Guess it really doesn't have to be on a weekend, though, when everyone who will be doing it is on the same boat.

Dances with Corgis said...

I shall be on tenterhooks until the 17th!

That mint cake looks pretty yummy- and interesting.

GOOD LUCK!!! I just read Endurance about Ernest Shackleton's voyage and adventures 'round those parts, and I was thinking about you and Brent for much of the book. In fact, I mapped out your route using the book's supplied maps.

Dr. Iron Trifeist said...

Keeping my fingers crossed that all wend well.

Dances with Corgis said...

Dying for news here in San Francisco... and sending well wishes :)