Thursday, March 26, 2009

Thursday core/swim

1 hr. "core sculpt," then TNYA practice. The first class started and finished late, and it was pretty much ten past by the time I was standing on deck looking down with trepidation at the lane swimmers and thinking that really I did not want to be swimming at all!

It was not at all bad, though - I could tell as soon as I got in the water that my "feel" is finally pretty much back to normal.

(I am keenly aware of the usual technique issues, and definitely still slower than I was a month ago, but I had a pretty nice swim, not like the rather awful one I had the other day. It is partly the question of lane appropriateness - on speed, I was the middle swimmer out of five - 2 rather faster - 2 mostly rather slower - this is better than my slow finlessness left me feeling the other day!))

I missed the whole warmup, and was getting in just as they got started a set of 3 x 300 free, so I did most of that as a warmup with some bits of rest when the front fellow caught up to me on the first and second bits - 200, 250, 300

Then a set I HUGELY enjoyed:

3 x (150 IM no free - i.e. 50 fly, 50 back, 50 breast - on 3:40, then ditto but broken on 3:20 with sub-intervals for the 50s of - can't remember this exactly! - 1:05, 1:05, 1:10?), :30 set rest

(We had a bit more rest than that waiting for last swimmers to finish, but it is really a good set and I can just about swim that speed.)

Then 8 x 50 as four non-free on 1:10 (I did 2 breast, 2 back) and 4 free on 1:00

2050 yards total

NB I continue to believe that this "core sculpt" pilates-based class is the most beneficial possible cross-training for preventing running injuries, I categorize it as "strength" in the training log but there's a stretch component also, and yet I really do not like it one bit, it is a sinkhole of negative thoughts for me! Must get myself into a better frame of mind about it...

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Wendy said...

Of course, once you have done core sculpt you have certainly done some warming up!

It is very common for us not to enjoy the stretching that is most beneficial and necessary for us to be doing. (In fact, I think it is why many people avoid it entirely.)