Friday, March 20, 2009

Friday swim

Slightly bowed down by demands of reentry into normal life! Day started off productively, then devolved into long nap and post-nap grogginess - I am still having self-reproach at not having gotten out for a run, but the combination of tiredness, inertia from not having run for many a day and continued mal de debarquement (tell me it is not going to take months or years to wear off!) meant I let the daylight hours run away from me...

Just had a quiet evening swim - I should have stayed in longer, I had the lane almost entirely to myself! But had not yet eaten, and was feeling distinctly underfueled. And lazy!

A good bit of drill work, and by the end I felt much more in command of my swimming again...

Along these lines, cannot now entirely remember (all VERY slow and loungey, but mindful!):

200 free
100 back
100 free
100 breast
100 free
100 flutter kick with board
100 back
3 x (2 x 50 drill-swim free) (fist; front scull; thumbs-and-salute)
50 back
50 free

1200 yards total


ShirleyPerly said...

Well, with all your recent traveling and trekking, I think it's OK to take it easy for a bit. Sounds like a delightful swim!

Wendy said...

Yes. Shirley nailed it!