Sunday, March 1, 2009

Discretion = better part


I only did 6 instead of 10 - I was awake for a couple hours very early yesterday morning (fortunately went back to sleep in the end!), worrying a bit about raw-feeling lungs - felt v. low-energy yesterday afternoon, which was why I didn't run - and indeed it seems to me this morning I do have a very slight cold.

(Just tiny - raw/raspy lungs, some postnasal drip-type stuff - I am devoutly hoping the zinc lozenges plus staying calm about it will make it recede before I get on the plane Tuesday night...)

I pondered the running options, and felt that while I really needed to run for at least an hour, it was not clear that the benefits of going longer would outweigh potential costs. It's pretty raw and windy outside, too, with snow flurries presaging one more winter storm.

It wasn't a bad run, only very slow & with a constant sense that really I wouldn't mind walking instead of running, which is not usually what I feel when out for a run in non-insanely-hot weather! Now I am going to go and steam the lungs in a very hot shower!


Wendy said...

Fisherman's Friend (my doctor even recommends these) ... hot tea with lemon & honey (well, if you can stand the honey, my doctor recommends that, too!) ... steamy showers ...

ShirleyPerly said...

With your marathon so close, I think you made the right choice. Get better soon!

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