Wednesday, March 4, 2009

"There was mud, lots of mud"

A nice interview with John Hanc at Gelf Magazine - I previously blogged about Hanc's book on the Antarctica marathon here.

I will note, pursuant to his observation, that I myself was in correspondence one maniacal morning a few weeks ago when I actually should have been writing at least one or possibly two OTHER books, with a fellow at a specialist press, about whether I might pitch them a book on my Antarctica marathon experience.

The publishing fellow pointed out that at that particular press, they prefer their authors to be very fast or nearly dead - or, even better, very fast and THEN nearly dead!

I will also note that I am writing from the Marriott in Buenos Aires - the adventure has begun!

(Thanks to Carl Bialik for the link.)


Wendy said...

Buenos Aires!!!

Joe said...

yay somewhere far away! have an awesome trip!

Lynn said...

please don't be almost dead any time soon!

ShirleyPerly said...

Publishers are so picky!