Friday, March 27, 2009

Brief Friday exercise

Time is short! But I am glad I got out there (must now get a move on and get ready for the all-day conference that will keep me tied up from 10am till 10pm [no evening lane swim hours for me this week, ugh!]).

2 miles run (1 mile easy, 3/4 mile HARD, cooldown) plus 3 x 15 pushups

It is gradually dawning on me that a 2-3 mile run that's mostly hard effort really is the most economical way, time-wise, of having the higher-intensity cardio component that's so essential for both fitness and body composition efforts. I am really missing my workouts with M., but the finances suggest that there will be no more of those in the foreseeable future, so I must start doing some strength training again on my own - I find my concentration for it lapses after 30 or 40 minutes, but I have a few weights at home, I can do an hour-long workout that includes 20 minutes of hardish running and 40 of miscellaneous exercises. Will get the area set up for this over the weekend, I think.


Wendy said...

Sprinty stuff!

Becca said...

Corollary positive effect of short, hard runs is speed--that's how I cut so much time from my marathon. (Hope that conference is as interesting as it sounds.)

Anonymous said...

I will email you a strength workout;) I hadn't realized you weren't seeing M.

Danielle said...

Because the treadmill bores me so, I almost exclusively do short hard runs all winter... I actually start to enjoy them at the end of the season! (I do still do one long easy run outside every week)