Monday, October 5, 2009

Bassman half analysis

Race results are up. I was finisher 167 out of 228 finishers (240 started) - that is not QUITE middle of the pack (Brent has a generous definition of "middle of the pack" whereby one does not need to be at the 50th percentile, just within the middle third!), but definitely getting up there...

Finisher 167
38 F
Bib 371
Swim place: 177
Swim time: 46:20
Swim pace: 2:17
T1: 4:57
Bike place: 164
Bike time (course is 58 not 56 miles): 3:20:45
Bike pace: 17.3mph
T2: 3:28
Run place: 155
Run time: 2:24:39
Run pace: 10:58

Total time: 6:40:06

I am very pleased, actually even more so now that I really contemplate the numbers. Enough so that I sort of don't quite believe it is true! But in fact, yes, I clearly paced my race reasonably well (or at least better than some others), because I moved up more than 10 places on the bike and almost 10 more on the run. This is very good!


Leah said...

Fantastic! Isn't it nice to see progress?

Spokane Al said...

Is this the COPIOUS AND EXTRAVAGANT POST that you promised?

Congratulations on a great race. It really is nice to be the passer rather than the passee, isn't it?

Wendy said...

I think you have a much faster swim in you, too. Really, doing a marathon swim the weekend before a half impacts the first leg whether you know it or not!