Saturday, October 10, 2009

Saturday long run

This morning we took advantage of Coach Mindy's Running Center supported long run; Brent and I were both having recovery weeks on our respective schedules, so we each just ran 12 (Coach Mindy described Brent as a "speed demon," and he certainly had a good fast run!).

I enjoyed my run a great deal, but am sorry to say that I'm definitely at higher HR on that pace than I might have hoped - this, however, is not the consequence of any kind of setback or "bad day" phenomenon, I just ended up having other priorities for this training season and this LIFE season. So I am reconciled, and I will keep my goals for the late November marathon responsive to how things go in coming weeks - sub-4:00 would be wonderful, but something like 4:08 would be great too, I will keep an open mind (my time last year in Philadelphia was 4:16, so I am aiming to take some minutes off that).

12 miles, 1:58:54 (avg pace 9:55, avg HR 161, max HR 173)


Wendy said...

Glad to hear you two had a good run! (And nice Brent got to meet Coach Mindy, too.)

ShirleyPerly said...

Yes, certainly even an 8-minute marathon PR would be a very admirable accomplishment. Good job to both of you on your runs!