Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tuesday run

It's a recovery week, and I couldn't fall asleep last night till very late, so I made a more sensible decision than usual and ran short!

Nicely rainy and cool outside (C. was tempted to cancel, but fortunately by the time he emailed, I knew J. would already have left the house, so it was not an option) - in any case I like running in the rain.

We decided to do a couple times round the top loop rather than doing the entire circuit - I left C. and J. to do a third one and jogged home on my own.

1 mile there and back, plus 2 x hilly Harlem Hill loop (1.42 mi. each)

2.84 miles, 24:55 (8:46 pace), avg HR 164, max HR 174

I need to enlist these guys to do a couple speed/tempo workouts with me as the last bit of my marathon training! Hmmm, might be time to actually sit down and make a list of the 4-5 consciously chosen things I'd like to fit in over the next couple weeks - I'm five weeks out from the race, that's crazy.

- Will do the interval training run class at Chelsea Piers on Monday 11/2, with C. and J. as guests

- Will figure on running 8 (1 warmup, 6 hard-effort, 1 cooldown) on Tuesdays the 10th and 17th with C. and J.

Some higher-speed mile repeats would be good, and I should make a couple of my own shorter runs 3 x the Harlem Hill loop, it's very good cardiovascular training...

5 miles