Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Midday swim

Had an altogether blissful midday interlude at Chelsea Piers. It was very rainy and blustery when I got up, I worried that perhaps my plan to ride my bike down there was unrealistic; it turned into a most beautiful (but incredibly windy!!!) day, so biking seemed fine, but as I topped up the air in the tires on my 'real' bike, I mysteriously made the back tire flat! ARGHHHHH! Fortunately I have this other 'cheap' bike, so I pumped THOSE tires and rode it instead - it is so windy that it is difficult to stay in a straight line!

Only had time for a short swim, because I wanted to try the abs class at noon (verdict: not bad, not as good as the evening boot camp class but on the other hand also beneficially much less intense - a half-hour core class of that sort is a nice accompaniment to a swim or bike - unfortunately my teaching schedule is not really compatible this semester with the midday spin classes, but that's the other thing I'm eager to check out).

It really is the most beautiful pool, especially on a sunny day! I had a lane to myself, and experimented with 3 new pairs of goggles - one much superior to other two, so I will order another pair of those ones and throw my old ones away, they have been incipiently leaky for some time, and now ACTUALLY leaky!

3 x 100 free, 50 drill-swim stroke (back, breast, fly)

50 back

100 IM

100 back

50 breast

250 free concentrating on swimming long and easy with non-taxing smooth turns

1000 yards total

30 mins. core (concentrating on obliques)

(I decided that the bike ride there and back should get logged in training miles, as an incentive in cold weather! Will call it 9 - can revisit this later if it seems to introduce ambiguity into training records...)

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Wendy said...

I'm very glad the tire trouble was today not Sunday!

And good that the goggle situation is now under control.