Thursday, October 22, 2009

Thursday run/yoga

It seems like a very long day (started with a dentist appointment at 8!), but I guess I packed a lot in, and I certainly had a very blissful evening, as it turned out.

I ran down to Chelsea Piers in the late afternoon (it was in the mid-70s, it is t-shirt weather again here!) with a change of clothes rolled up in a tiny bundle in the waist-style Camelbak (you take out the 'bladder' and it has a surprising amount of storage space - it is something along the lines of this one, though not exactly like it, as opposed to the backpack-type one I use for cycling).

Met up with Triathlete L. at what turned out to be a VERY good yoga class - I gave up on yoga because the teachers I liked at the Columbia gym left and the other local yoga place just wasn't that suited to me, but this teacher was excellent, the class is exactly what I like.

(But my muscles are going to be VERY sore - I am slightly regretting the fact that really I cannot move my long run from Saturday to Friday, because I think that delayed-onset muscle soreness is REALLY going to have kicked in when I wake up on Saturday morning!)

5 miles
1.25hr. yoga

And then we went and had was was truly the most delicious pizza ever - we were both so hungry by that point that ANY pizza would have been delicious, but this truly was exceptional! Co. Pizzeria, handily located more or less en route from gym to subway; L.'s had something like fresh spinach and pecorino romano and something else delicious; mine had "speck" ham, gorgonzola, figs, almonds and grapes. BOTH UTTERLY DELICIOUS!

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Wendy said...

Glad the yoga class was to your liking!