Saturday, March 5, 2011

BEAST week 7 (Saturday)

I am very disappointed in myself that I've done so little exercise in the past few weeks, but this feeling may be a symptom of such general mental exhaustion that I am not sure how I could have done it differently.

I am ridiculously tired - my Rochester visit went very well, but the combination of getting the talk written before I went, clearing off my week's teaching obligations and then the visit itself & the associated travel has left me utterly knackered!

I made it downtown for this morning's boot camp class because I had promised I would, but the first half of class was pretty awful - I did an overly hard-effort 800 with a faster runner before I had fully warmed up, and it activated my asthma, in spite of having taken rescue inhaler puffs beforehand. Basically spent the first twenty minutes with very painful lungs and also slightly worried that I was going to burst into tears!

However by 9:30 or so I was feeling much better, and I do think that it was good that I came. It is the virtue of this sort of class that even in a week where I did no other exercise, it kept me on track for basic fitness stuff. I'm meeting Liz to run at 9:30 tomorrow morning; I think we'll just do 1 x the full loop, I have midday and afternoon obligations that make it impracticable to go longer.

1hr. boot camp

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Danielle said...

Sorry I couldn't run with you on Saturday! But it was nice hanging out anyway!