Tuesday, March 22, 2011

IM Week 1 run #1


It is the most beautiful day, it couldn't have been better. I am singularly fatigued (the Costa Rica trip was fantastic, but getting back home was very tiring and I am in the thick of the semester now again), but it was really lovely. I wasn't running enough this winter, there was too much ice and snow and my asthma was reacting badly to cold air, but it is going to be very nice to be back out there again now that my training is underway and the weather is good again.

I did get a new strap for my HR monitor, but the Garmin doesn't seem to be picking it up - must consult instructions for how to "pair" it, I think (I hope I did not buy the wrong model). So I had to guess on the intensity of the intervals - probably I did them a little harder than I needed to (c. 8:49 pace).

1hr. run (5.4mi.)

20 mins. warmup
6 x 4 min. zone 3, 1 min. walk
10 mins. cooldown

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Danielle in Iowa in Seattle said...

Hmm, when I got a new HRM strap for my Polar I didn't have to do anything. But I may have had a cheap one that wasn't coded...