Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tuesday run intervals!

Really I meant to do it when I got up, but even though I got up pretty late (couldn't get to sleep last night, drastic tossing and turning), it was still only in the mid-30s outside - I decided to do my tender lungs and my lazy morning self a favor and put it off till the afternoon!

It was great, too - I would think that it's not just me, but that many people doing this sort of IM training plan find the Tuesday hour-long run with harder-effort intervals the most enjoyable workout of the week. It's beautiful outside, too; a bit chilly during the warmup, but perfect once you're actually doing the intervals. I did them all in my close-to-home bit of Riverside Park, which is gorgeous at this time of year, and not too crowded (I think we were just around the daytime high of 46F).

10 mins. warmup, then 6 x 5 min. zone 3 + 2 min. walk, cooldown

1:00 total

I am resolved to go TNYA practice at 6 this evening; if I do a couple real masters practices each week, then truly my swimming will be fine, but I shouldn't let it be that every week I'm only doing a couple short easy-effort swims on my own...


Danielle in Iowa in Seattle said...

Intervals are rough on the lungs when it is cold! I can do long runs, but hard efforts will get the asthma acting up.

Ironmom (Julie) said...

Hey, I just started following and am doing IM CDA with you. Best of luck!!