Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wednesday BEAST

Great BEAST session, but I was fatigued enough (mentally and physically) afterwards that a quick self-assessment sent me straight to shower and breakfast rather than onto the bike. It is not that I can't do another workout post-BEAST, but last Wednesday this didn't work either; other than the Sunday-Monday big work push, Wednesday's my other big work day, and it's the thought of all that I still have to dig deep for that stops me from pushing it in the morning double workout. If I work like crazy and get enough done by 12:30 or so, I can probably get out for an hour on my bike "in the world" (or on the spin bike here if it seems too cold or I am really pressed for time) - but really I just need to modify the shape of my training week.

1:20 boot camp


Danielle in Iowa in Seattle said...

That's a pretty ambitious Wednesday you have planned so now wonder it hasn't worked out! I can't put in long workouts on days that are prime work days for me - I get stressed that I am not yet working!

Black Knight said...

Double workout sounds professional.
I am with Danielle about that wednesday plan.
Have a good week end.