Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday long run

OK, that was good. It's still a bit nippy, but a beautiful sunny day (upper 30s) - I was only cold when I was running straight into the wind!

The 13-week training plan I'm on assumes that you've been doing a weekly 90-minute long run before you start the plan, which of course I haven't been doing at all (I wanted to, but one thing and another got in the way!). I had some minor trepidation, therefore, contemplating the 1:45 run assigned on this week's schedule ... but I didn't want to flake out on it, either.

It was pretty good, actually. I decided I'd run 10 mins., walk 1 because it gives both mental and physical relief (breaks it up nicely - I knew I'd do five 'segments' out and then turn around and make my way back as best I could! - but also significantly relieves tension on various muscles, tendons, etc. if you haven't been running long), and that worked very well. It is slow, of course, but what can you expect?

1:48:11, 9.51 mi., avg pace 11:22, avg HR 147, max HR 155

All things considered, week 1 of IM training has gone pretty well. Swimming was seriously compromised - I did two shortish technique-oriented swims instead of the 3 "real" swims on the plan. I also skipped a 30-minute high-cadence run. On the other hand, if one considers that the essence of the plan each week is 2 sets of intervals and 2 easy long efforts for endurance, one each of biking and running, then I think I have done pretty well.

Total training hours for the week: 12 and change


Danielle in Iowa in Seattle said...

That's not a bad pace if you were walking every ten minutes! Especially since you haven't been doing the long runs!

Black Knight said...

As Danielle said, that is not a bad pace.
Do you schedule time instead of miles?