Monday, August 29, 2011

Monday treadmill intervals

Hmmm, it's many days since I exercised: I took Thursday off deliberately, I took Friday off accidentally (working very hard on finishing the novel revisions, plus need for many phone calls - not a phone person, it takes it out of me!), I had a minor stomach bug Saturday (didn't actually upchuck, but had bucket beside the bed as a precaution, felt very queasy all afternoon and evening) which pretty much scuppered notional Sunday-morning ride, and then again yesterday I was working on the book. Book is now sent, and I'm flying back to NYC on Wednesday evening - real life begins again soon as school year begins a week from tomorrow...

Treadmill intervals (zone 4 - Garmin was low battery, but I used same speeds/perceived effort as last time I did this workout)

10 mins. warmup, 5 x (4 mins. zone 4, 2 mins. recovery)