Thursday, February 12, 2009

Minor ugh!

Well, I have a longstanding rule (since college!) that while 3 hr. 35 min. plus of sleep is just about tolerable and can get me through the day, less than that is not OK, and since insomnia still has me up and the alarm is set for 5:45 (3 hr. 10 min. away, even assuming I were asleep just about now), I am instead going to write heartfelt apologies to the clinic-holder and the clinic-organizer, tell them that I will pay for it and that I am sorry I have used up a spot that someone else would have liked, and turn off the alarm clock.


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Joe said...

i have trouble sleeping most of the time, too. the surgery has been good for that, though, b/c the last few days, once the initial post-op pain wore off, have seen me sleeping pretty decently as i catch up. i'm sleeping better right now than i have in a long while...