Monday, February 2, 2009

Monday run

Golly, it was an absurdly nice day for a run - 50 degrees and sunny. I wore a short-sleeved shirt!

Met up with C. at the bottom of Harlem Hill. I just did 2 loops instead of 3 - I cannot explain it, I was feeling lazy! (We worked pretty hard for the first two?) And then jogged home (got stuck at a lot of lights, it was slow). Call it 5 miles total, though it is probably a tad shorter.

(Resolution: I am not cheating and doing 2 instead of 3 again unless I really am pressed for time, which I was not today!)

(Observation: All that tinkering with Dragon Naturally Speaking and various microphones means that the microphone I use to download the data from my Polar has stopped working! Hmmm, can't worry about that now, it really will make me crazy...)

(Also: it is very nice running in the daylight hours like that - the price is that I have to get up really early and do a lot of work first, but it is probably worth it - running on a February Monday evening in the dark at the end of a long work day is a recipe for low morale. I should see if I can rope in C. for a regular noon Monday run for the next four weeks...)


Wendy said...

Short sleeves?? What about short pants?? (Okay, so I'm a leeetle bit jealous.)

Becca said...

Even I went running today! It was great, though I wore a long-sleeve shirt (but no fleece!).