Monday, February 23, 2009

Monday swim

I was fairly lethally tired, but also desperate for a swim! I always think, as someone who has taken to this stuff relatively recently, that a week or ten days of no swimming or running will lead to me having completely forgotten how to do it & being set back to square one...

(Also did not want to have first swim back after a minor layoff be a full-on practice tomorrow - much better to ease back into it!)

Well, I did not forget how to swim, but I did forget how to do any sort of organized workout in a crowded lane with many wayward swimmers and a high irk factor on my part!

c. 40 mins., c. 1800 yards (mostly free, some stroke where I could fit it in without risking collision or even higher irk - NO WHIMSICAL U-TURNS IN THE MIDDLE OF THE LANE!)


Wendy said...

Well, good for you -- you got it done!

(Your whimsical u-turn comment reminds me that I must tell the story of somersault guy sometime soon.)

ShirleyPerly said...

I have that same fear if I'm away from swimming for a week or so. A bit apprehensive this week since last week's swim did not go well. Mine will be on my own too and doubtfully with any others in my lane, thankfully!