Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sunday/EHTMNBN postscript

I do not think I will have time to exercise today - I'd love an easy evening swim, but I am trying to finish my novel to send out tomorrow, and have various other things to do (a lecture to write, a dissertation chapter to read and comment upon, etc. etc.) that must also be squeezed in somewhere. It is going to be a crazy marathon work day!

I got the disk from my freestyle clinic last week, and will ponder whether there is any way to snip out 8-10 seconds and post it here for feedback. No time for that now, though....

The TNYA One-Hour Swim results are up. Look how fast some of those folks can swim! The relays are amazing - the guys trade off by hundreds, I think, and manage to cover an amazing distance. I am one of the slowest swimmers, but I think I swam well and that it will be a long-term project getting quite a bit faster - I will just keep plugging away, there is no magic bullet...

Here is the page of my splits! I settled in very steadily in the 57-second range for my 50s - I can see that in the middle twenty minutes I was definitely going a little slower, but that I pretty much successfully picked up for the last twenty minutes and swam strong (fastest 50 was 54.99) for the last 10 minutes. Very good stuff - I really enjoyed that swim.

And on a thoroughly non-triaspirational note, the thing I am almost certainly going to do here and there today as I plow through this work is eat some of these! Courtesy of Brent, who I hope does not mind me describing him as a person with a deep-seated opposition to the Evil Holiday That May Not Be Named combined with a thorough comprehension of my notion that a super-deluxe ultra-fancy box of chocolates is something of the utmost delightfulness and yet not what one can purchase for oneself in good conscience!

(Bonus glimpse of cat!)


Wendy said...

Splits! Chocolates! Blackie!

Your swim was very evenly paced -- well done!

ShirleyPerly said...

Nice job on your swim! That timing sheet reminds me a lot of the one I got at my indoor marathon.

Enjoy the chocolates!!