Friday, February 6, 2009


A very slow four miles just now in Riverside Park - it wasn't bad, I certainly feel a bit better than I did before I started, but I am just knackered.

Skipped the gym yesterday and came home and had a couple very groggy hours of early evening napping - spent quite a bit of time today also lying in bed and dozing - I am feeling fairly awful! I don't think I'm sick, it's just that I've been working too hard.

I've got a late night tonight again (Uncle Vanya!), and in the last mile of my run just now, the pleasantness of physical activity in cold air (it is pretty cold out there, I was looking at the temperature online beforehand and thinking "Oh, high 20s, that's not bad!" but in fact when one is running quite slowly, it is surely cold enough!) gave me the clarity of thought to see that of course I cannot do my long run tomorrow - both yesterday and today I have felt actually ill due to tiredness - I should put it off till Sunday and see if I can actually get some sleep.

It is not as convenient as doing it tomorrow, partly because I wanted to do next weekend's long one on Saturday rather than Sunday (but come to think of it, that is singularly crazy also, I am hoping to hand in my book manuscript on Friday afternoon and that pretty much guarantees that I'll have had three or four nights with not much sleep - past experience suggests I will still be too wired on Friday night to get anything more than the most restless shallow stressed-out sleep).

I have some flexibility on days and times, though, so I will just have to remain responsive to the situation. If I run on Sunday this week, and then on Sunday or Monday next week, that will make more sense...


Wendy said...

Kudos for getting it checked off!

Danielle in Iowa said...

oh you will so not be happy if you do a long run under such tired conditions!