Friday, January 15, 2010

Friday yoga

Went to the "Group Centergy" class at World Gym - not bad, sort of a yoga-pilates hybrid to music - really I prefer a classic yoga class, but this will do. (There is also a new yoga studio nearby - I picked up a schedule the other day and might try out a class there next week.)

I was going to do an upper-body workout also, but didn't really have time - and also it dawned on me that if I am hoping to swim quite a bit over next few days, it would be silly to blow out arms/back/shoulders on a hard strength workout!

Next week I will do the "group power" (body sculpt/strength training) class on Monday, core strength class on Tuesday, core strength + upper body on Thursday and "centergy" on Friday.

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Becca said...

"Group Centergy"???