Saturday, March 27, 2010

Day of sloth

Inexplicably fatigued all day, to point where (actually it is not that unusual, I am laughing as I write it!) only thing I could do mid-afternoon was lie in bed with eyes closed!

Dawned on me gradually, as hours passed, that I was not really going to do the projected long run, alas - happily I realized around 5 that I would be very annoyed with myself indeed if I did not get out for some sort of a run, and that I could do as short or long as I liked.

Was keeping an open mind, but seriously, that was one of the most uninspired runs I have ever had! It felt arduous indeed, both I and my quads were toiling - emergency bathroom break after a couple miles, and I got freezing cold while stationary, never quite warmed up again. Ah well, good that I got out there, will see how things shape up for next couple days - if the weather's awful Monday, Lauren and I will switch out our notional long ride for a long run, since running can be done more or less happily in pretty much any weather imaginable!

5 miles


Wendy said...

But you got out there! (She says, now all set for an evening of sloth!)

Danielle said...

When I'm that tired, I just take it as a sign I need to take a day off!