Monday, March 29, 2010


I don't know why I'm blogging so copiously today (fatigue?) - but have seen reason, if I am too tired to write pages (which I am), I am also too tired to go to a high-intensity running workout, it is a recipe for injury - I will go home instead and see if I can't get warm and dry for the first time all day!

(NB forgot to say earlier that when I went to change from spin to swim gear, I realized that I had forgot to put my bathing suit in my swim bag! Fortunately I was wearing tri shorts, and my sports bra was deemed acceptable pool wear by Lauren and a stranger in the same aisle of the locker room - but it is a sign of mental flakiness and fatigue, I am not usually so scattered...)

I will endeavor to return to a more laconic mode tomorrow!


Wendy said...

I hate when I forget bits of gear!

Rainmaker said...

I managed to twice this week forget my swimsuit. Luckily, both times I had to go to the sketchy backup swimsuit.