Thursday, March 11, 2010

Red-letter day

I had an excellent bike ride just now. From a purely external standpoint, it would have seemed quite humdrum and quotidian, in fact really rather boring - but the fact is that I think I am finally now free of my overwhelming anxiety about riding in the street. That is amazing!

(I did have some mild panic on my way home, having taken an unaccustomed route that turned out to be more complicated than I expected, but it was within manageable levels.)

3 park loops, plus 1+ mile each way = 20 miles

Forgot to turn on my HR monitor, but I had an eye on the time - started at 9:52, first lap 10:16, second lap 10:40, third lap 11:02 (18.3 miles, 1:10, 15.7mph).

Now I had better get a move on or I will be late to my 12:15 appointment! Hmmm, horrible realization just now - no water in building 11-5 as they clean water tank on roof! Had better skip hair-washing, I will be lucky to get dregs of water to rinse body - nothing worse than being stuck with a head full of suds and nothing more coming out of the tap...


Wendy said...

Very good! The bike business, not the water business. That part is not so good.

IronLinae, PhD said...

Yeah! Good to hear you're more comfortable on the road.

Spokane Al said...

" a head full of suds and nothing more coming out of the tap... " - now that would not qualify as quotidian for most of us! (I had to look the word up - thanks for the new word of the day).

Glad to hear the biking is getting better.

Brent Buckner said...

Good bike news!