Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tuesday trials

Well, it is a very bad idea not to exercise for a week!

The holiday was very nice, only Club Aquasource really did only have a 'Tarzan pool' (fronds, ropes, masses of children, water estimated tropical temperature and not a straight edge in sight, all undulating); and the combination of eating and drinking and socializing schedules plus lack of Davidsonian willpower meant that I didn't run, either, despite having brought plenty of gear!

(On the bright side, I did write pages each day, which was probably more valuable.)

Too knackered yesterday to get out the door, and suffering from low exercise morale and bad weather to boot, but I dragged myself out just now for a run, talking myself into it with the deal that I could do 4 instead of 6 miles if I felt like turning home at the 79th St. boat basin instead of going all the way to the sanitation pier at 59th St.

In fact I felt very cheery as soon as I started running, and would have done 6 after all, except that it soon became clear that my lungs were much too wheezy - I did take 2 albuterol puffs before going out, but I've missed a few steroid doses in the last couple days (including forgetting to take a puff this morning), and it is clearly necessary to have both inhalers functioning in tandem for full lung access. So I just did 4 - it is very rainy and foggy outside, upper 40s, not bad once you get going but not conducive, either, to a blissful feeling of wanting to go outside!

Clearly I must build back up gradually over the next couple days - I guess I will have to wait till next week to have the glorious week of massive amounts of exercise that I have been coveting...

(This is the first week of my next 10-week training block - I think I will wait to muse on that until I feel more authentically triaspirational and less sluggish! Need to get back into strength-training and swimming, both of which have entirely fallen by the wayside; need to build up run mileage; need to continue with bike as #1 priority; need to improve nutrition. Week 6 ends with the Broad Street Run, a 10-mile road race in Philadelphia that I'll do with my brother and sister-in-law; week 8 ends with the 112-mile bike race; week 9 ends with the Harriman half-iron race; and week 10 is a recovery week, with travel to Cayman happening on Thursday or Friday and some days for settling in and getting started on TRUE IRONMAN TRAINING.)

4 miles easy


Wendy said...

Yes, it is one of those 'you have to (re)start somewhere' weeks here too!

ShirleyPerly said...

Just take one week at a time, Jenny. Glad you had a good vacay and got some pages written.

Danielle said...

112 mile bike race followed by a Half-IM? Girl, you are one crazy triathlete!