Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wednesday run

A very good run with Lauren - the Central Park loop. Slightly marred by several mistakes on my part (forgot to bring asthma inhaler - really I just have to get in the mindset of always having it with me! - and had to walk up a couple hills to circumvent wheezing; rigged a dodgy water-bottle-carrying system that in fact led to entire small bottle of water leaking down my bottom by five minutes into the run; stomach issues late in run, triggered I think by the excessive effort of asthmatic hill ascension). But minor woes notwithstanding, it is really the most beautiful running weather, I now have that appealing sense of hearing the internal words Let the training begin!

Kept the clock going for the walking bits, which I think makes it fair in terms of pace data: 6.1 miles, 56:30, 9:15/mi.

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Brent Buckner said...

We *need* better hydration systems - stat!