Wednesday, March 31, 2010


It is ridiculous to have a day of such mood swings - I got a piece of good work-related news this morning that put me into a state of mild elation, and was very much looking forward to a long run with Lauren this afternoon (it has finally stopped raining), only it was ironically just at the moment, around mile 2, when she commented (we were talking about orthotics and laser cleat alignment) that I had recently seemed impervious to injury that I had to allow as how a groin muscle was at that very moment giving me considerable discomfort!

I think I must have tweaked it at the end of last week while doing whip kick in the pool - have had a few twinges from it over last few days - it may have contributed to my failure to run yesterday - I was hoping the discomfort would go away once I warmed up, but as we hit the north end of the park (roughly the 3.5 mile mark?) it was clearly only getting more painful, to point of affecting my gait. So I regretfully called it quits and walked home. Quite sore even walking, which is not good, but I don't think it's sore enough to be an actual muscle tear, just one of these inconvenient and uncomfortable minors tweaks. Ugh!

What I really would like to do is ride to Chelsea Piers and swim instead, but I think it will be foolhardy - more sensible to take a hot shower, do some stretching and take the rest of the day off from exercise. I can go back to the library and write some more pages, that will take the edge off the pain of long run deprivation?


Wendy said...

You can only do what your body allows! (Listening to it now will avert weeks of deep water running.)

Danielle said...

Hope that groin muscle is getting better!