Tuesday, September 6, 2016


Feeling rather tired - I usually get "enough" sleep but it's often low on quality, I think.  Anyway a good session at the gym.  My highest one-rep max in the past year was 275, but that's almost a year ago and I think at the end of the last training cycle I was more like 251 - had to recalculate my working weight after doing a first set at 80% of the higher number and realizing it was just too heavy for current strength/fatigue levels!  I also just haven't been lifting that regularly over spring and summer - too much travel.  Josh is giving us more discretion on numbers these days (I think because Certain People were ignoring him and lifting heavier weights than they were supposed to, he threw up his hands!) which for me is good.

6 x 2-3 @ 80-85% of max (I did 2 @ 220, 3 @ 201, 5 x 2 @ 201)

Deficit pull: 3 x 3 @ 60-65% of max (161)

3 x 8 goblet squats (22.5lb)

And a few lunges - back was twinging a bit and really I just felt tired, so I called it a day. It was a good workout - we now have real deadlift platforms and are using bands over the bar on the initial 5, 5, 3 warmup set, focusing on getting the bar taut against the band before surging up - it really then feels like it flies up when you take the bands off!

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