Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Wednesday run!

So I did manage to run on Friday and Saturday, but by the time I went to bed Saturday night I was so exhausted and underslept that I realized I'd better not set an alarm or even think about running early Sunday.  This was the right choice as I felt considerably more human after a night's sleep, but if you don't run first thing it becomes decreasingly likely it gets fit in later.  In summary-

On Sunday I was defeated by tourism (whale-watching!) and late lunch.
On Monday I was defeated by letters of recommendation - had a productive but slightly grueling morning work session and had no vim for anything but lunch by the time I finished.
On Tuesday I was defeated by tourism for a second time (early departure for day trip to the Blue Mountains!).

Today, though, it is a lovely lazy day of lounging and I had a great almost 1hr easy run before breakfast.  Woo-hoo!

1hr easy

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