Thursday, September 8, 2016


It sort of turned into one of those days (I blame heat and humidity in part!) - after the vet visit mid-morning (they make house calls!), I was lazy and dozed and read things on the internet instead of doing my real work.  Finally got myself into gear mid-afternoon (I need to make progress on book planning, and I have an overdue promotion letter), texted Josh to tell him I couldn't come to powerlifting this evening (hate to do that, and it was entirely my own bad time management) and had a work session so enjoyable that I wonder why I procrastinate.  Then had 1hr rather unpleasant very slow run along the river - heat and humidity such that the air feels as though it has the properties of human blood.  Off now to meet up with Liz for Justin Vivian Bond featuring our friend Thomas Bartlett!

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