Thursday, January 11, 2018

Unwanted week off plus Thursday back on track (Paris edition)

Gosh, what a week! At the end of last week, the weather in NYC got crazy (I took a hard spill on midtown flagstones Thursday morning, still rather bruised about the knees, feeling very lucky I wasn't actually hurt, just covered with snow and bruises!), we were interviewing job candidates at the mildly sordid Midtown Sheraton, I was still sick, it was exhausting, my Friday-night flight to Paris was canceled (this was a blessing in disguise, I couldn't get rebooked on a direct flight till Monday so I postponed first seminar meeting from Monday to Wednesday and had the whole weekend to try and get less sick, pack, return library books etc.). I really couldn't exercise over the weekend, the air was so cold outside and I was still feeling pretty ill and with dodgy lungs - it didn't make sense to make the effort to get to the track at Chelsea Piers when I was so much ailing. Got to Paris safely, jet lagged, taught seminar yesterday and finally today got up and got to make it my priority to find my default Paris run route!

Parc Montsouris is my obvious best option (it is a small park but there are quite a lot of other runners, evidently French and serious, which makes me feel that I am not missing out on something more immediately apparent - not so much the culture here to run on the sidewalks!). Walked there and back to orient myself, there via a longer direct route (close to 20 mins) and back via a slightly shorter also quite direct one from a different corner of the park, that will be my route to and from going forward as it is more residential and less commercial, i.e. fewer fragile old ladies with shopping carts/more appropriate to jog!

20 mins walk there, 35 mins of jog as 2:1 (rather hilly), 15 mins walk back, 1:10 total activity

(I should add - was on the mend, but lungs don't benefit from overnight air travel, and they are currently very wheezy and full of phlegm - I am a little bit worried that I may be asthmatically allergic to something in the apartment....)

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