Thursday, January 11, 2018


It was an amazing class, though 90 minutes of heat is really too much for me - it's not that the postures are strenuous per se but even just doing warrior 1 & 2 when it's that starts to feel more intense than I like! (Also still have too much phlegm in the lungs.) Hahahaha, I won't say I was out of my depth, I really liked it, but it was certainly not the class I imagined I was showing up for - nomenclature - "Hot Yin Yang" not at all the equivalent of the yin class I do in Cayman! That said, I followed the French pretty well (it's not like yoga teachers say completely random things, really you know what they're going to say next - it was a very good teacher BTW, nice purist style), and am really excited about having a spell of daily yoga. It's a longish walk so RT walk adds good low-level exercise to my day - I am serious about losing weight and getting into better shape (good nutrition trumps all of course).

c. 1hr walk
90 minutes of very warm yoga!

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