Saturday, March 28, 2009

Saturday swim

Very enjoyable swim this morning - I now feel that my swimming is back to normal, such as it is! I was very tired this morning, it was a long week, but swimming was revivifying, including a nice brunch afterwards with a bunch of teammates.

1/2 hr. pilates exercises led by Coach Conrad first


Warmup: 200 free, 200 IM kick (there was then a freestyle pull bit, but we were out of time)

I missed a bunch of the first set, because I was going to get a couple of pull buoys and then there were lane congestion issues that meant that though I was not fatigued, it was more sensible to skip a 50 here and there than contribute to further snarling-up. Set was 6 x 150 pull on an interval I can't remember (3:20, maybe?) - I might have only done 600 pull total.

4 x 50 backstroke pull on 1:20 (I love that, it makes my backstroke feel GREAT to do it with a pull buoy - I could feel the benefits afterwards in terms of increased body rotation and powering from hips/core)

4 x 50 breast (I can't remember the intervals here at all - in fact there might have been another short bit in here that I'm forgetting)

8 x 25 hard stroke down, 25 easy free back: first four fly, second four back

4 x 50 choice on 1:10 (I did evens back odds free)

2000 yards total

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Unknown said...

It doesn't take long to get back in the groove if you've been active in other ways!