Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wednesday swim!

Thank goodness - not a moment too soon...

Am in New York, having traveled from Ottawa to Philadelphia on Sunday and left Philadelphia yesterday late morning.

Warmup: 200 free, 100 IM kick, 200 free, 100 IM drill, 200 freeA, 100 IM swim

3 x 100 as free, IM, free on 2:30 - should have been the first three of nine, only I realized I did not have the mental vim and instead switched to this for the rest of my swim:

4 x (100 drill-swim by 25, 10 seconds rest, 50 swim hard), 10 seconds rest

4 x 50 fly-free on 1:15

2000 yards total

Might try for a short run a bit later this afternoon, and am thinking of a park bike ride tomorrow morning (only not if it is raining as torrentially as it did yesterday and today - I may have ruined another pair of sandals). Perhaps another Chelsea Piers session in that case instead - could do some kind of swim-(indoor) bike brick, that would be enjoyable. I cannot wait to be back in my usual/real routine - though I was chagrined to get an email the other day saying that the Camana Bay pool will be closed through August 6!

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