Sunday, October 2, 2011


I'm not very happy about how little I ran in September, but the weather's finally turned cooler and I am hoping this will be beneficial. Really I shouldn't be so self-critical: I had a very busy month at work, and I did two longish races (Survival of the Shawangunks, 5+ hrs, and Little Red Lighthouse 10K swim, close to 3 hrs) that necessitated downtime. The Beast morning boot camp was my main exercise commitment (3 x week), and I did pretty well with attendance there, but it has cost me in terms of building up any regular training week of triathlon-type stuff.

Anyway, I had a good run this afternoon with Liz. Calf muscles very stiff for first half hour or so, I need to stretch them more faithfully, and I'm not saying I wasn't glad when we were finished, but it was certainly better than the last one we had, and if I run so infrequently, I can't expect to be either quick or really comfortable! Saw another running friend of mine earlier for brunch, and she says she has been having a good time recently running five times per week for only 25-30 mins. at a time (she has a demanding schedule at home and work): I resolved to take a page out of her book and make sure to get out just for 30 mins. even if I don't have vim for longer. I'm in Ottawa Tues.-Sun. this week and don't have great confidence that I'm going to get much exercise if any (I might take Friday morning 'off' from responsibilities there and go for a run, though), but once I'm back, I'm determined to put more running back onto my weekly schedule.

It started pouring halfway through our run this evening, but cooler temperatures are such a boon, I am definitely not going to complain about a little rain!

Central Park lower loop (we had an easy consensus as we reached 102nd St. that really we did not need to go round the upper loop and trudge up Harlem Hill!)

55:56 (avg pace 10:50)
avg HR 144, max HR 162


Becca said...

I do half an hour all the time - do not have time for more during the week. Of course I am not training, but it is sufficient to feel exercised and make longer runs possible when feasible. Yesterday rain shifted from drops to pour about five minutes in and for some reason it was great, except that I did not have a baseball hat, which I usually have if I know it is going to rain, so much time spent sluicing water off my face with hands.

Danielle in Iowa in Ireland said...

When I haven't been running regularly, I usually reset to doing 20 minute runs. It is hard for me to justify not getting out for 20 minutes, when I need to take a shower anyway. Once I get into the routine of it again, then I add miles.