Saturday, March 21, 2015


Arghhhh, made bad choices that led to skimping on squats workout: didn't really feel like it yesterday afternoon, and didn't get to the gym early enough this morning to get the whole workout done before 10am spin class. Then afterwards I was dripping with sweat, unfed and also very well stretched, and it just seemed counterintuitive to delve back in to the strength work. So call it :20 lower body and 1+hr spin. I was also discombobulated by equipment differences: I used the squat rack outside, but I think it must have a 35lb bar (or even lighter?) rather than the 45lb one I am used to - so I did the first 3 of 8 x 3 with empty bar as prescribed, but it felt so light I switched to 5 x 10 for the remaining sets. Certainly easier to keep form better with the lighter bar.

1hr spin, :20 squats

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