Tuesday, December 13, 2016


Ah, yesterday I was an idiot for leaving my writing session so late in the today. Today I was an idiot for not exercising till the last possible moment! Met a friend mid-morning for breakfast, something I don't usually do, then had my writing time, but after that all I had vim for was to get into bed and doze with cats. I may be having a bit of seasonal affective disorder - I really feel like bed is the only place to be in daytime. Anyway I did drag myself up ultimately, by that time it was a question of running down to the gym immediately pre-workout (fine on an upper-body day, also we're just at the start of a new training cycle). By about 20 minutes into the "run" (so slow it is more like a powerwalk I fear) I felt much, much better. Resolution: run earlier tomorrow!

1:06 slow run
1hr upper body (mostly superset circuit-type stuff, but there was a nice set of 3 x 20 bench @ 65 - seems easy at first, last five reps are amazing tho!)

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