Saturday, July 1, 2017

Day 25, run 23

Had to take a zero yesterday, I don't really sleep at all the night before that Cayman flight (5am alarm, 6am car pickup) so it is hopeless to think of actually getting out for even a short run when I get here, especially since it's so hot! The missed night of sleep actually helps me transition quickly to Brent's schedule, though, so I was out the door shortly after 6:30am this morning (helped by the fact that we're on EST rather than EDT here) for 30 warm easy minutes. Met Brent at Cafe del Sol afterwards (he brings my Kindle so I have something to read!) for a Perrier and a mixed berry protein shake. Should get out a bit earlier tomorrow. On track for noon yin yoga, and have made my massive work to-do list, but am going to try NOT to work this weekend....

:30 easy

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