Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Bad Tuesday!

I will just post in my training log entry, it's one of THOSE days:
Ugh, that was a minor disaster. Right away everything from hip to outer ankle/foot was really unpleasantly lit up (hip I blame on sitting very still for 2 hrs yesterday evening at my colleague's funeral). I hobbled for 12 minutes as 2:1 but as clock rolled into thirteenth minute I realized I just didn't have it today. (I note that allergies are still SO AWFUL and are contributing to my baseline feeling of health being much lower than it usually is, ugh.) I was hiking up left shoulder and sorta leaning over right hip in a way that had by then activated sharp discomfort in right lower back. I walked the rest of the circuit, so about 45 mins total but with only some short stints of jogging in the first bit. I am anxious for this doctor's appointment next week, I really feel like everything is a regrettable mess!

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