Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Short and easy, better late than never

Almost didn't get out - state of collapse after getting cats back from Phila and having an afternoon with troubles coming (not directly at me, more at nearest and dearest!) from many directions! Got an invitation yesterday to write an op-ed for the Outlook section of the WaPo, thought I might decline but having Tanya's story come out last night reminded me that I do have things to say, and shouldn't turn down the invitation to a big platform - long phone chat with editor this afternoon, and I'll try and get her a messy draft by the weekend. (Nice change from writing newspaper book reviews where the word count is hard and fast and SHORT - this will be short and sweet in the end, if I can write something that can be made to work, but editor likes to see all ideas sooner rather than leaving me entirely to my own devices.) Anyway, 30 easy as 1:1, weather GORGEOUS (onnly way too much pollen making me miserable), will hope to do the longer one that was on today's schedule tomorrow. All the life stuff that mounted up while I was away still needs to be attended to - lots and lots of people to see, both work colleagues and non-work friends, and normal end-of-term stuff is intense, and I got my long-overdue new laptop and have to meet with faculty desktop support tomorrow to get everything transferred from old and properly secured (and hopefully old one can be made more functional, but its lifespan may be over, we will see what the verdict is...)

30 easy as 1:1

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