Saturday, May 23, 2020


So I have been doing at least 3 yoga classes a week since the beginning of April, but it took 2 things (Bliss starting to livestream classes - it's just not the same doing a recorded class - and my semester coming to more or less of a close) to go to the daily mode. Now I am very excited as I think that there is NO REASON I shouldn't be able to build the longest yoga streak in my life! First day was Monday, May 11. So today is day 13. Got my week's template down.

Run is five days and I walk the other two (I have missed a couple of those walks since we started sheltering place - maybe 2 or 3? not sure exactly - but in general I have been very faithful to it.

My COFFEEWRITING group starts on Tuesday so at that point I really am in a good routine: one that recognizes the fact that currently my good hours are between 6am and noon or so, and that if I use them wisely, it doesn't matter if I flop for the rest of the day!

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