Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Popping in

to say that my week's template is suiting me really well; I continue to do 5 run-walk and 2 walk each week, and this past week was the first week I was able to do yoga every day as well! The yoga rota is looking like this (Bliss is now streaming live classes, which was the last piece of the puzzle):

Monday: 7am grounding flow class with Susanne (in Sweden!) + brisk exercise walk immediately afterwards (30-50 mins)
Tuesday: 40 as 1:1 early and Heidi's therapeutic yoga at 9am (Cayman)
Wednesday: harder run intervals of some description four 75-85 mins total and Rachel's 2pm flow-restorative class (Cayman)
Thursday: 30-50 mins brisk exercise walk + 9am private session with Susanne
Friday: 40 as 1:1 + 8:30am private session (yin) with Susanne
Saturday: 80 min longer run intervals (lots of 3:1 recently) + 3pm yin class with Iliana (Cayman)
Sunday: 40 as 1:1 and 3pm flow with Chantelle (Cayman)

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