Friday, January 18, 2008

Quiet Friday swim

Hmmm, I really am awfully fond of swimming...

Pretty quiet over there at the Columbia pool--some of the time I had a lane to myself, some of the time sharing with someone suitable who I think I have swum with before, then unfortunately some more awkward sharing while I was doing my time trial. Arghhh! Ah well, no big deal, it was more marred by my own lack of concentration and total haphazardness!

I just wanted to get some vague idea of how I would swim on a 1000-yard time trial with splits for the 100s, but I am not used to using my Polar for this, I was completely lame, irregular pacing and absent-minded split-pressing and general half-assedness! However it was rather enjoyable, and I can always try it again properly next week--in any case this gives me some idea.

I warmed up with 250-300 easy swim.

Then I did 5 x 100 IM (I am still just excited that I can swim 100 IM, this is ridiculously enjoyable!).

Then I did my time trial, details follow below.

Then I did 4 x 50 fly down breast back, and then a 50 of back, and then I called it a night...

OK, so here goes, I did not do a very good job with pacing or button-pressing! I have adjusted the ones where obviously I did 150 instead of 100 by adding in the time for the 50 as though the 100 was the same speed as the one before (which is not a foregone conclusion, I was all over the place--I think I could swim 1000 at the pace I started at, but I realized partway through it would be more sensible to concentrate on form and that my fumbling at lap-end with buttons and attempts to see what lap I was on was messing up times in any case, so by the end I was swimming at a pace I feel I could maintain comfortably for a very long time...)

(2:01 + 1:01)
(2:06 + 1:04)
(2:06 + 1:06)

So 1050 in other words; can you believe that three times I only pressed at 150 instead of 100?!?

I think 2:00/100 will be a quite reasonable goal pace to think of for now, maybe a bit slower if my technique does not really improve but it should be that I can get up to speed on that, I've got a lot of months of training still--and really of course all this is to say that I took the plunge and registered for Florida 70.3!

I've got some work stuff I've got to clear in the next couple weeks before I can indulge myself in putting together a fantastically detailed and somewhat stringent yet also intensely sensible and non-injury-tempting training plan; the thing to do in the meantime is just start putting in a bit of time on the bike. (The bike is the huge challenge, I've got my work cut out for me...) But this really is going to be fun...


Danielle in Iowa said...

I wish I could get to the point where I could say I am awfully fond of swimming!

Leah said...

Congrats on signing up for Florida! I enjoy your thoughtful perspective on training.

Jenny Davidson said...

Leah - thanks!

Danielle - I make up in enthusiasm what I lack in talent and experience!