Saturday, January 12, 2008


Well, it was pretty much as great as I'd hoped, only better because really I never swam in a sea like this before!

(Hmmm, remembering childhood swims at North Berwick--it is lovely there--but freezing!--more like where you go paddling in the water up to mid-thigh but still with a sweater on, even in August...--my brothers and I were fairly hardy, we did have some teeth-chattering swims now and again, it was a ritual requirement of visiting grandparents at the seaside, but that beach really was the kind where you have to have a windbreak up if you want to sit outside on it and read a book!)

Not a long swim, maybe three quarters of a mile, but quite, quite lovely. (But I have to practice this thing of rolling my head back into the water after poking it up to see where I'm going...) The water is so clear, and you can see the most amazing things--just beautiful...

(Here's where we swam from--if you poke around on the site, there are some pictures...)


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Sounds like a spectacular vacation--hope you're rested and relaxed!